Chandran Gnanakuru

Chandran has spent several years in the cleantech and alternative energy space on project development and fund raising mandates. Prior to that, he managed a family office in London for 10 years where his responsibilities included alternative asset investments. He was with AT&T in the USA for 5 years.

He has been on several private equity management/advisory teams. He is a graduate of Harvard University, USA and has an MBA from INSEAD, France.





商业关联方 德兰∙格南纳穆图

德兰在过去几年中,在清洁技术和替代性能源等领域负责项目开发和募资。在此之前,他在伦敦为一个家族办公室管理了10年,职责包括投资新兴资产(alternative asset investments)。他在美国AT&T公司工作过5年。他曾是数个私募基金的管理层和咨询团队的成员。他毕业于美国哈佛大学,并在法国欧洲工商管理学院(INSEAD)获得工商管理硕士学位。