Social Responsibility

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Cukierman & Co. Investment House is active in two main Social Responsibility projects:


Fondation France-Israel In the effort of facilitating the relationship between Israel and France, and creating a channel for Jews coming from France to Israel, Mr. Edouard Cukierman serves as the Vice President of the Fondation France Israël

He is also a board member of the “Alliance Israelite Universelle en Israel” and a board member of Sar-El (Association that brings volunteers from across the world to the IDF in Israel). In the past, he was also the President of the Supervisory Board of Citec Environment SA in Paris.

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Cukierman & Co. Investment House has a strong and mutually enriching relationship with Gvahim – Connecting Talents, a non profit organization offering highly-skilled Olim and returning citizens the tools for a successful professional Aliyah. 

Every year we are pleased to hire young interns through Gvahim, as Junior Analysts or Marketing Assistants. 




Fondation France-Israel


本着促进法国与以色列之间的关系和帮助更多法国犹太人前来以色列寻根的愿望,顾克文先生担任法国-以色列基金的副主席。他也是”Alliance Israelite Universelle en Israel”协会的董事和Sar-El(为以色列国防军招募海外志愿者的组织)的董事。他曾是法国Citec Environment SA 公司的监督委员会主席。

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Cukierman投资公司与Gvahim组织之间有强烈且互补的合作关系。Gvahim是一个非营利组织,专为以色列新移民中的高技能人才提供帮助,以让他们更顺利地成为以色列公民。 顾克文先生是Gvahim组织的董事。除此之外,Cukierman投资公司每年都乐于通过Gvahim组织招募年轻人才,让他们作为初级分析师或市场调查员在Cukierman公司实习。