Cukierman & Co. FoodTech & AgriTech (CFA) provides investment banking services to private and public companies, at different stages of development across the food and agriculture sectors, with a special focus on food security.

For over 20 years we assist companies in identifying, negotiating and closing equity and debt financing, licensing agreements, strategic partnerships and M&A transactions; as well as supporting venture capital & private equity funds, private investors, family offices and corporate development teams, in selecting, evaluating and acquiring businesses and companies in the food and agriculture sectors.

We focus on securing funds and creating joint ventures for Israeli entities with strategic partners around the world;

Complementary technologies and products that are ready for implementation and deployment supporting current food and agriculture operations.

Established Israeli manufacturers for expanding their facilities, infrastructure, and deployment worldwide.

Startups and R&D for developing an eco system of innovation and creating partnership for investments and Beta site implementation.

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