In 2021 alone, nearly US$1 billion was invested in the Israeli Foodtech ecosystem.

With more than 250 active companies Foodtech and Agritech are booming.


Cukierman & Co. Foodtech & Agritech (CFA), headed by Adam Salman and Fiona Choppe Magal, provides financial advisory services to private and public companies, at different stages of development, across the Foodtech and Agritech sectors, in Israel, Europe, Asia and America.

Our mission is to help clients solve current and future food industry challenges.

We assist companies in identifying, negotiating and closing equity and debt financing, strategic partnerships and M&A transactions; as well as supporting venture capital & private equity funds, private investors, family offices and corporate development teams, in selecting, evaluating and acquiring companies in the food and agriculture sectors.

Our talented team of scientific, marketing, finance and business experts, jointly with our extensive international network, provides corporate guidance, strategy and global industry knowledge for fundraising and financial transactions.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an investor/fund or a family office please contact us to set up an introductory call.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations.


“Israel’s unicorn list has mushroomed to 68 companies in total. The number of new unicorns in Israel continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, with 24 new ones announced in the first half of 2021 alone. This is twice the number of new unicorns announced in China in Q1’21 and only 2nd to the USA.”

– Calcalistech

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