Cukierman Family Office

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Cukierman & Co. Family Office serves a few families and high net worth individuals through accessing Cukierman & Co.’s broad range of investment expertise and relationships. Together with the client, our team evaluates the client’s risk profile, defines the asset allocation, implements both strategic and tactical decisions, manages the financial wealth, and handles all of the client’s ongoing financial affairs. Our team deploys a global strategy approach that is personalized by each individual.  

  • Accessing market leading products and managers.
  • Managing relationships with banks, external managers, accountants and other service providers.
  • Monitoring and evaluating asset managers and direct investment opportunities.
  • Addressing tax issues, trusts, estate planning and philanthropic activities. 
  • Providing transparent, informative, reliable and consolidated reporting.





  • 与领先市场的产品和管理人才的联系
  • 管理与银行、外聘经理、会计师及其他服务供应部门的关系。
  • 监督及评估资产管理人及投资机会。
  • 管理税务、信托、房地产规划及慈善活动等的事务
  • 提供信息透明、可信赖及可靠的社会责任报告