Daniela Fubini 2015

Daniela Fubini, VP Marketing

Daniela Fubini joined Cukierman & Co. in January 2014. She previously worked in marketing consulting, and as events planner & manager in the business and non-profit sectors in New York and in Italy.
After her Alyiah in December 2007, attended the Ulpan Etzion in Jerusalem. One year later she moved to Tel Aviv while working for an international conferences organizer, then managed clients relations for one of the largest incoming tourism companies in Israel.
She holds a weekly column in Italian and a monthly in English on the largest Italian Jewish newspaper. She writes on other online and paper news, mainly about Israel as seen from within. 
Daniela holds a degree in Contemporary History and Romance Languages from the University of Pisa, in Italy.


营销副总裁 傅丹女士

傅丹女士在2014年加入Cukierman公司。她曾在美国纽约和意大利从事营销顾问工作,还曾负责大型商业活动和非营利组织活动的组织和管理。 于2007年12月移民以色列后,她入读了耶路撒冷的Ulpan Etzion学校。一年后她搬到特拉维夫,开始从事国际会议组织工作,并为以色列盈利最多的旅行社管理客户关系。傅丹女士拥有意大利比萨大学授予的现代历史与罗曼语专业学位。