Dorothee Levy – Moshevich, Partner

Is Principal at Catalyst Funds. She joined Catalyst team in 2006 and is responsible, with the Partners, of the Portfolio Companies, from the first screening of the investment opportunities, the due diligence process until the exit. She is also in charge of the Investors relations and assists the CFO with the fund’s accounting, legal and administration‘s requirements of the funds. Prior to joining Catalyst, Dorothee served as a junior analyst at ING Bank-France in the Corporate Finance department and as a Product Launch coordinator at CATHERINE M. ZADEH in New York. Dorothee holds a Master Degree in Management from Rouen School of Management, France with a specialization in finance and accounting.

合伙人 莫思薇 女士

莫思薇于2006年加入Ctalyst基金,与其他合作伙伴共同负责在初步筛选、全面审查、直至交易完成等阶段管理投资组合成员企业。此外,她还负责投资合作伙伴关系的管理,并协助首席财务官(CTO)管理Catalsyt基金的会计、法务和政务。在她加入Catalyst基金前,她曾是法国ING银行的企业金融部门的初级分析员,也曾担任纽约CATHERINE M. ZADEH公司的新产品发布协调人。

莫思薇拥有法国鲁昂高等商学院(Rouen School of Management)的管理学硕士学位,专攻金融与会计。