Efrat Pan

Managing Partner, Cukierman & Co. Munich

Efrat Pan is Project Consultant at SCMT, Steinbeis Center of Management and Technology, since 2014.

Under this capacity, she is in charge of acquisition of students and partner companies in south Bavaria. She also engages in the development and exchange with international universities and companies for strengthening the relationship between Israel and Germany in the fields of applied research and business. Before relocating to Germany in 2009, Efrat Pan served as Marketing and Investor Relations Manager at VCON Telecommunications Ltd., an Israeli developer of video over IP conferencing systems, from 1997-2005.

From 2005-2009, Mrs. Pan was Fund-raising and later, served as Investor Relations Manager, at Catalyst Investments Fund II, an Israeli Private Equity focused on investments in late-stage Israeli technological companies. From 2010-2014, Mrs. Pan was teaching Hebrew and English at a local school in Memmingen and later opened a private lessons school, Horizons, for children of all ages.

From 2013-2018, Mrs. Pan served as the chairperson of the German-Israeli Association (Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft) in Memmingen, Germany, of which she is still on the board.

Efrat holds a BA in Social Science & Psychology and an MSc in Management & Innovation. Mrs. Pan teaches a seminar on Qualitative Research Methods on Steinbeis University and represents Catalyst and Cukierman activities in Germany.