Eran Amosy

Eran Amosy

Eran Amosy joined Catalyst as a CFO in January 2014 and brings with him extensive experience in accounting, finance, taxes, business management and operations.
Prior to joining Catalyst, Eran served as Financial controller at the Peres center.
Before that Eran served for almost 4 years as a controller at Clal insurance. Prior to that, Eran worked for KMPG, in the audit department. During his work, he has gathered audit records of public large international companies which are required to comply to IFRS and USGAAP.

Eran is a CPA, and a member of the Institution of Certified Public Accountants in Israel (ICPAS).
He holds a Bachelors Degree (B.A.) in Economics and Accounting from Bar-Ilan University, and a Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.) specializing in Financial Management from the Recanati School, Tel Aviv University.

首席财务官 埃兰∙阿莫西

埃兰∙阿莫西于2014年1月作为首席财务官加入Catalyst基金。他在会计、金融、税务和商业管理方面都具有资深的经验。在他加入Cukierman投资公司前,他曾在以色列佩雷斯中心(Peres Center)担任财务总监,在Clal insurance保险公司担任了四年财务总监,还曾在毕马威(KPMG)会计师事务所的审计部门工作。他审计过的大型国际企业的记录已达到国际会计准则(IFRS)和美国通用会计准则(USGAAP)的要求。埃兰是一名注册会计师( CPA),也是以色列特许注册会计师协会(Institution of Certified Public Accountants in Israel )的成员。