GoforIsrael Conference-leading Israeli business conference

Bringing together leading global investors

and Israel’s best opportunities

GoforIsrael (previously known as GoforEurope) is one of the most prestigious conferences in Israel for the business and financial community focusing on the technologies that made Israel famous: Life Sciences, Robotics, IT, Cyber Security, Advanced Manufacturing, Media & Telecom and CleanTech.

2019 was a huge success for the GoforIsrael Conference. We held the event in Switzerland, China and Tel Aviv, the first time doing 3 events in one year. In our conference in Jinan, China there were 1,400 participants, over 100 Israeli companies, 1,000 Chinese investors and over 800 one on one meetings.

In 2021 due to the pandemic, GoforIsrael held virtual conferences, one dedicated to fighting Covid-19 with over 20 Israeli copmanies who presented their solutions to the virus. 600 investors attended the event from all over the world. The second virtual event this year was the first ever GoforUAE – Israel Food Security Investment Conference that connected between Israeli FoodTech & AgriTech companies with investors from the UAE.

Among our past sponsors and partners:

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For more information, please contact:

Adi Braunshtain
Managing Partner, GoforIsrael
Darya Belov
Marketing Associate, Cukierman & Co.
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GoforIsrael Delegations

■ Business Seminar for Chinese Leaders in Israel

The GoforIsrael delegations for Chinese leaders from the private sectors was initiated and organized by Cukierman & Co and Catalyst. The delegation was led by Ronnie C. Chan, the Chairman of Hang Lung Properties, in cooperation with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Among the Participants:

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