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Cukierman & Co. Green Technology (CGT) was established to provide best-in-class advice to CEOs and shareholders in the green technology space. CGT specializes in a variety of technology driven sub-sectors including: agriculture, renewable energy, energy efficiency, water desalination and irrigation. 
We guide public and private institutions through complex financial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, private placements, investments and other corporate and project financing. We also provide consulting services, valuations and fairness opinions as needed.


CGT is the strategic partner of the New-York based AgriCapital Corporation Founded in 1983, an investment bank that works exclusively in the agribusiness space with more than 540 assignments on behalf of 400 agribusinesses worldwide. CGT and Agricapital work together to provide investment banking services for Israeli-based agribusinesses.

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Ben Topor
Cukierman & Co. Green Technology

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Rurik B. Halaby
Chairman & Founder
Agricapital Corporation






Cukierman公司的绿色科技部门 (CGT) 为相关行业的CEO及股东提供最专业的咨询服务。我们专攻众多高科技行业的附属领域,如农业技术、可再生能源、能源利用效率、海水淡化技术和灌溉技术等。我们在复杂的金融交易、企业合并购、私募活动、投资和其他企业和项目融资当中指导公共和私人机构。应客户需要,我们还会提供咨询、估值等服务。