Mordechai Rezmovich– CFO

Mr. Mordechai Rezmovich brings over 8 years of financial management, accounting and tax experience.

He has been managing and coordinating the work of the accounting and audit of public and companies, private and nonprofit organizations in real estate, industrial security, high – tech, biotech, food and transportation.

Prior to joining Catalyst, Mr. Rezmovich held a position of Audit Manager at BDO Ziv Haft. In 2007, he served as Assistant CFO of Nidar Company Building and Development (Public company) LTD. I

n 2005-2006 he served as a Senior Accountant in Kesselman & Kesselman PWC. Mr. Rezmovich has a B.A. in Accounting and Information Systems from the Jerusalem College of Technology Institute (Lev Institute), and holds a LL.M degree in law from Bar – Ilan University. Mr. Rezmovich is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Israel since 2005.