Nadine Lati

Managing Partner, GoforIsrael Conference

Nadine Lati joined Cukierman & Co. Investment House in 2006 as the Marketing Director of the Corporate Finance Department and has been the Managing Partner of the GoforIsrael conference since 2009.

GoforIsrael, co-organized by Cukierman & Co. Investment House and Catalyst Investments, is one of the most prestigious annual business meetings in Tel Aviv, gathering over 1000 participants and connecting leading global investors and Israel’s most innovative technology companies.

At Cukierman & Co. Investment House, Nadine was the Director of the GoforIsrael/China seminars, bringing Chinese leaders to discover the “Start-up Nation”.

Nadine is also a Consultant for international firms providing solutions for communication, business development and partnerships. Her role includes engaging with international business community investors, leaders and decision makers, and high-net-worth clients.

Previously, Nadine held managerial positions in several organizations, such as Orckit, Publicis, Renault Innovation, and SIBAT (part of the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv).

Mrs. Lati holds an international BA and MA with Honors from ISG – Paris. She is also a licensed Real Estate consultant for high end properties.