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Cukierman & Co. Real Estate (CRE) is a leading corporate real estate investment House, serving the local, regional and global real estate needs of our clients.
We provide hands-on, tailored and advisory services to our investors. The company focuses on assisting its clients in constructing and monitoring diversified portfolios of top performing private equity funds. Its services are customized to meet the individual needs of clients.

CRE was established 10 years ago as the Real Estate arm of Cukierman & Co. Investment House Ltd., focus on asset, corporate and financing of cross border transactions. CRE has successfully closed transactions totaling over €1B since 2003.
CRE has an extensive network of contacts with leading local and global corporation. Among our clients and network is leading international entities. 

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Case Studies

  • CRE successfully advised Alrov on the acquisition of an office/retail property in prime location in Paris from Sydney & London Properties
  • Acting on behalf of Elbit Medical, CRE completed the sale of a Central-European retail portfolio comprising 19 assets to Klepierre
  • Representing Ofer Brothers, CRE completed the sale of 5 commercial properties in Budapest to Orco Property Group
  • CRE invested together with Rosebud Medical in 8 office buildings in France and resold them in less that a year with significant profit

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Ms. Ilanit Harel-Tirosh
Managing partner
Cukierman & Co. Real Estate

 Nir Natan CRE

Mr. Nir Natan
Cukierman & Co. Real Estate 




 Cukierman公司的房地产部门是业内领先的房地产投资机构,为以色列本土、区域性和国际性的房地产领域客户提供服务。我们为投资者提供切合实际且度身定制的咨询服务。 我们致力于协助客户构建和监管顶级私募基金的投资组合。个性化定制的服务只为更好地满足每一个客户的需求。      在十多年前创建的本部门作为Cukierman公司企业金融服务的房地产领域分支,专注于跨国交易的资产管理与融资项目。


CRE1   CRE2   CRE3   CRE4

  • Cukierman公司的房地产部成功促成以色列最知名的房地产开发集团Alrov从 Sydney & London Properties公司购置了巴黎黄金地段的一处商业地产。
  • 本部门还代表以色列Elbit医疗公司完成了位于中欧的一处地产组合出售项目,其中包括向法国知名商业地产投资公司Klepierre出售的19处资产。
  • 我们还曾代表以色列知名的家族企业, Ofer Brothers航运集团,将其位于匈牙利布达佩斯的5处商业地产出售给法国房地产集团Orco Property Group。
  • 我们曾与Rosebud Medical公司共同购置了位于法国的8处写字楼并在一年内卖出,赚得极高的利润。